Getting your written off car Repaired


Can You Get A Written Off Car Repaired?

If you own an older car and it is damaged there is a good chance that it could be written off by your insurance company. This usually happens when the bill for repairing your vehicle is higher than the market value of that vehicle. It is a tough way to lose a loved vehicle.

Most insurance companies have a level at which they will declare your car as a write off. Usually if the cost of repair is greater than 60-80% of the value of your car they will write it off. If you drive an older car that you really like it is important to shop around for an insurer that offers a high percentage value before they will write your car off.

If your car is declared a right off they have to pay you the value of your car. Sadly, insurance companies habitually offer their clients less than their car is really worth if sold.

If there is any danger of your car being declared a write off. It is a good idea to get an independent mechanic to assess if it is repairable and how much it could cost. If the price is right, you may want to get it repaired rather than have the insurance company write it off. However, not all cars can be safely repaired, so make sure that you find out if this is the case before paying for it to be repaired.

Even after an insurance company has written off a car can still be driven. However, you have to be careful if the police stop you and it is deemed by them as not roadworthy they can confiscate it and you may find that your insurance company instantly cancels your cover when they declare your car as a write off.

In most cases when a car is written off, it means it is too expensive to repair and that the cost of repairing it is higher than buying a similar vehicle. In this situation, it can sometimes be possible to repair the vehicle anyway and get it back on the road. However, a vehicle being written off can also mean that the car would still be unsafe to drive even after repairs have been carried out.

You can repair just about any damage on a car even if it has been declared a write off so it pays to have an experienced mechanic on hand who can assess damage and price repair. However, we all know insurers can sometimes be difficult to deal with so check your contract; your write off price could be pretty low.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a written off car back on the road but it is still possible to do. You just need to be persistent and employ the help of a good mechanic to help you to get through all the red tape. Classic car clubs can be another good source of information when it comes to buying a written off vehicle back and getting it roadworthy and legal again.

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