Getting your written off car Repaired


Can You Get A Written Off Car Repaired?

If you own an older car and it is damaged there is a good chance that it could be written off by your insurance company. This usually happens when the bill for repairing your vehicle is higher than the market value of that vehicle. It is a tough way to lose a loved vehicle.

Most insurance companies have a level at which they will declare your car as a write off. Usually if the cost of repair is greater than 60-80% of the value of your car they will write it off. If you drive an older car that you really like it is important to shop around for an insurer that offers a high percentage value before they will write your car off.

If your car is declared a right off they have to pay you the value of your car. Sadly, insurance companies habitually offer their clients less than their car is really worth if sold.

If there is any danger of your car being declared a write off. It is a good idea to get an independent mechanic to assess if it is repairable and how much it could cost. If the price is right, you may want to get it repaired rather than have the insurance company write it off. However, not all cars can be safely repaired, so make sure that you find out if this is the case before paying for it to be repaired.

Even after an insurance company has written off a car can still be driven. However, you have to be careful if the police stop you and it is deemed by them as not roadworthy they can confiscate it and you may find that your insurance company instantly cancels your cover when they declare your car as a write off.

In most cases when a car is written off, it means it is too expensive to repair and that the cost of repairing it is higher than buying a similar vehicle. In this situation, it can sometimes be possible to repair the vehicle anyway and get it back on the road. However, a vehicle being written off can also mean that the car would still be unsafe to drive even after repairs have been carried out.

You can repair just about any damage on a car even if it has been declared a write off so it pays to have an experienced mechanic on hand who can assess damage and price repair. However, we all know insurers can sometimes be difficult to deal with so check your contract; your write off price could be pretty low.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a written off car back on the road but it is still possible to do. You just need to be persistent and employ the help of a good mechanic to help you to get through all the red tape. Classic car clubs can be another good source of information when it comes to buying a written off vehicle back and getting it roadworthy and legal again.

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Do you need home emergency cover?

There is a relatively new form of home insurance available, which many people have not heard of. It is called home emergency cover and it covers you in the event of several home emergencies. If you are not sure whether or not you could benefit from taking it out think about what your options would be if you for example experienced a burst pipe on a Sunday morning.

If you had taken out home emergency cover all you would need to do is to call an emergency number and sit back and wait. Your insurance company would find you a trustworthy tradesman in your area and send them to your house. They will carry out the repair and bill your insurance company for the repair, but not everything will be covered.

The limitations of home emergency cover

There are limits to what home emergency cover can do for you. The cover offered varies from policy to policy, so you need to check the small print before you actually buy.
Not all home emergencies are covered. A common exception is a washing machine leak. Most firms do not offer coverage for this incident at all or they charge extra for the service and may ask for an excess too.

Usually, here is also a limit to how much is covered. Typically, the maximum you can claim for any one incident is £500. This sounds generous, but going back to the example of a burst pipe on a Sunday you will normally find that £500 is not enough coverage. The call out charge for a tradesperson on a Sunday can be high. Add in high labour costs and there is not much money left over to cover the cost of parts.

Shopping around for coverage

As with any other form of insurance, you can save a lot of money by shopping around for your cover. There are more and more firms joining this market each year, which is good for consumers because it means that you get more choice. It also means that it is worth shopping around each year for your coverage. With new firms entering the market all the time, you could miss out on a good introductory deal by simply sticking with your previous provider.

It is not easy to find comparison websites for this type of insurance, but consumer groups have covered the subject well. To compare prices you will still need to get a quote from each provider and compare them the old-fashioned way, side by side.

Always read the small print

With this type of coverage, it is especially important to read the small print. This is a relatively new form of insurance, so it can be hard to find reliable information about this kind of policy. One site that does cover most forms of insurance products in detail is thatsinsurance. They explain the terms and conditions in detail and with many insurance products compare the products line by line to make sure that you buy the right policy for you.

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Moving to Holland – Health Care Insurance

If you are thinking of living in Holland, studying, or working there long term you need to understand their health care system. It is very different to the system run in other countries.

A little background information about the Dutch health system

The name for the Dutch healthcare system is ‘Zorgverzekering vergelijken’, which roughly translates as health insurance comparison and it is one of the top search terms on This is because the way in which the Dutch government provides health care for its citizens underwent major changes in 2006, and even now, people are still getting to grips with the system.

Prior to 2006, the Dutch government like the majority of European countries met all the health care needs of their citizens using a state run system. In 2006, they changed track drastically and moved to a dual track health care system.

The current system explained

The current system is that if you need long term healthcare the government covers the cost of providing that treatment. However, for all short term medical needs you have to use private healthcare.

For a Brit or many other European residents this sounds alarming to say the least, because private healthcare is expensive in their own countries. When they hear that they have to buy private healthcare coverage to live in Holland they are worried that they will not be able to afford to do so. Luckily, it is not as bad as it seems because the government have put in place controls that have, to date, kept the price reasonable.

If you are a Dutch taxpayer and permanent resident the government will look after you if you are elderly, need a wheelchair, are terminally ill or something like that. However, if you break your arm you have to pay for that. To ensure that everyone can afford these costs the Dutch government has made it obligatory for taxpayers to take out health insurance to cover these costs.

Shopping around for Dutch healthcare

In general, the Dutch do not simply go out and buy the first thing they see. They are renowned for shopping around and getting value for money, so it is little wonder that the search term zorgverzekering vergelijken suddenly became so popular because every year the Dutch shop around for their cover using the internet.

There are plenty of Dutch websites out there that provide information and comparison services, which help people to avoid paying too much for their insurance. For expats who speak good Dutch this is definitely the way to shop around for health insurance.

For an expat who does not speak Dutch this approach may not be practical. If you are in that situation, your best sources of information are expat forums and other expats from your own country. If you are studying in a Dutch university or working for a firm that is based in Holland, they will give you good information in English.

While you are looking into moving to Holland, you do not have to buy private healthcare. At that stage travel insurance is OK. Use Thats Insurance to compare different policies and buy the right long-term travel insurance. It is only when you decide to move permanently, and start the process of applying for residency that you are legally bound to buy state approved health insurance.

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What Affects Your Car Insurance Quote

Your age, claims history, driving experience, type of car and engine size all affect the cost of your car insurance. However, some other less well-known factors affect your car insurance costs. Whilst you cannot influence or change most of them it is still useful to know what they are.

Your postcode has a significant impact on how much your car insurance costs. If the area you live in has a big car crime problem, your car insurance costs will soar. Short of moving there is not much you can do about this, but if you park your car in a garage most companies will offer you a discount. However, be sure to always put your car away in the garage, if that is where you policy says it is parked. Not doing so could result in the insurance company not paying out in the event that you need to make a claim.

If you are on a tight budget and need to reduce your car insurance costs, the best way to do this is to change your car. A good insurance broker will know which cars are cheapest to insure and more or less how much you can save by changing cars. Car websites and trade or car magazines are another good source of information.

Recently car insurance companies have started to check the credit rating of its potential clients, prior to giving a quote. The reason for this is that people with low credit ratings are more likely to make an insurance claim; as a result these people are being charged more for their insurance. You can negate this to some extent by agreeing to pay for your policy annually rather than monthly.

If you cover fewer miles than the average driver does you may be able to get a discount on your insurance. Some companies also offer discounts to car owners that have had tracker devices fitted to their cars.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Car Insurance


When buying vehicle insurance there are three different policy options to choose from. Choosing the appropriate policy for you is the most crucial element of the process of buying the right car insurance for you.

Third party only insurance policies

The lowest priced policies on offer are third party, this is the minimum legal requirement to drive a vehicle and only covers damage you inflict on a third party. Any injuries to you are not covered although your passengers are normally covered by your policy. It also does not cover damage to your vehicle although if another driver is involved in the crash and they have insurance you may receive some compensation for damage done to your vehicle.

In most countries, third party insurance is a minimum requirement. It is the cheapest type of cover available, but it is not necessarily a good idea because there are many things that are not covered.

Third party fire and theft insurance


Third party fire and theft (TPFT) will cover your vehicle if it is stolen or set on fire as well as third party coverage to pay for the damage you cause to another party or their vehicle. Sometimes there are limits to the type of coverage provided. For example if you normally keep your car in a secure garage and you leave it out one night and it is stolen in some countries the payout may be limited. Always check details like this before signing up for a policy.

Fully Comp insurance

Fully comprehensive covers fire and theft. In addition, it covers you against injuries to other people and damage to other peoples’ property. You are also covered for accidental damage as well as the loss of individual items like music players, which may be stolen or damaged in a crash.

There are, though, different types of fully comprehensive coverage and not all services will offer you with the same things. For example, some agencies will offer a courtesy car, while others will require you to add that to your plan.

European cover, legal expenses and windscreen cover are also normally included. However, these will bump up your estimate, so if you do not need this type of cover ask for it to be excluded and get a new quote.

A like for like quote comparison is the best way to choose your provider and remember, the cheapest deal might not always be the ideal for your personal needs. The number one way to get really comprehensive cover, is to go through the small print thoroughly. Ensure that you ask for what you need when asking for a quote, and be very clear about what that is when asking for quotes.

Are you insured to drive other people’s vehicles?

It is worth checking if you are covered to drive other peoples’ cars. The other car would have to be privately owned and of course, you would require the actual owner’s permission.

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Insurance Quotes Can Be Misleading

If you are in the market for insurance, any kind of insurance, it makes sense to shop around. However, while doing so it is wise it is not that easy to do. You need to bear in mind that insurance quotes can be misleading.

It is usually not that the insurance companies have deliberately set out to mislead you. Most of the time it is simply that they do not spoon-fed you when it comes to explaining exactly what their quote covers. This means that you need to take a bit of time to double check exactly what the quote in front of you covers you for and what it does not.

Getting together some quotes

Take the time to work out the level of cover you need before asking for quotes. You need to use exactly the same information when you apply for a quote from each company. If you do that, you can be sure that you are comparing like for like information.

Narrowing down what your insurance quotes

Do not go mad and get hundreds of insurance quotes. Even using price comparison sites getting that level of quotes will take too long. Ten quotes are more than enough.

Once you have all of the quotes in front of you start by discarding the most expensive ones, but hang on to them for a while. Just examine the cheapest three or four insurance quotes in detail. Read through the terms and conditions to make sure that the cover offered is adequate. Bear in mind that just because you have asked for a level of coverage does not mean that the quote provided covers your request. For example, if you want a low excess make sure that is what you have actually been quoted for. Never assume that the company or broker has done what you requested. Should you find that none of the quotes provides an adequate level of coverage just pick the next cheapest quote and look at that in detail.

Whittling the best quotes down

If you want, offer other companies the chance to beat your lowest quote, but bear in mind that if you do so you will have to go through the checking process again. Another way to get a further discount is to ask the firm that gave you the best quote. It is surprising how often a firm will say yes to a request for a discount. This is especially the case if you are a new client for that firm.

If you have more than one vehicle in your household mention that too when asking for a discount. This can sometimes sway the agent and they may be more likely to offer you a percentage off their original quote. However, you may only be able to secure a further discount if you actually agree to insure both vehicles with them.

Double-check the final policy

As an extra precaution check the policy when you get it to make sure that all of the coverage agreed upon has been included.

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